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Wellness Food Box

Share the love with a gift box of health and wellness

We have created this lovely mix of health and wellness gourmet food items for someone looks after themselves.


  • 'Proper' Crisps' Kumera 100% Natural 100g.
  • 'Viberi' New Zealand Organic Blackcurrent Berries Soft Dried infused   with Apple Juice 100g.
  • Raw Large Crunchy and Sweet Flavour Almonds 100g.
  • Green and Pitted Olives No Preservatives 30g.
  • Manuka Honey Raw and Unpasterised 160g.
  • Cacao Cashew Nuts Plant Based 35g.
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Cookies with Wholegrains from ' Zesti' Products.
  • Date and Orange Weka Bar with Black Seasame Seeds.


Presented in a gift box with a message on a gift card.