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The Boutique Gin Gift

Impress your clients, family or a partner with this stunning bottle of Curiosity gin in a fabulous bottle, an elegant little house that come to life when placed over a tealight candle, yummy marshmallow from Magnolia Kitchen and a fluffy white bath towel.


A classically styled dry gin for the traditional gin drinker. Using just four New Zealand native botanicals this fabulous gin is as Kiwi a gin can can get.

Serving suggestions: Perfect served as a traditional G&T with a wedge of lemon. Curious Dry is also perfect to deliver a Kiwi twist to any traditional gin cocktail.


  • Curiosity Gin 700ml
  • Rader Tea Light House.
  • Magnolia Kitchen Marshmallow.
  • White Bath Towel.



Presented in a gift box with a message on a gift card.