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Sleeptime Baby Gift Box

Love To Dream™ baby wraps are specifically designed to help your baby to quickly settle and establish an easy and peaceful sleep routine. Medical research suggests that babies will sleep better if they are swaddled and if they can self-soothe. The ergonomic shape and specifically engineered 3600stretch fabric of our baby swaddle wraps helps to reduce the risk of swaddling too tightly - as long as you have the right fit for your baby. But most importantly, unlike some traditional swaddle wraps, they apply gentle and even pressure around the body, which may help to settle your baby. Your baby will stay comfortably, snugly wrapped & settled all night long.


  • Love to Dream Baby Swaddle Suit  Size Small New Born Use from Birth. 3.5 Tog Extra Warm Weight.
  • Baby Cuddles Comforter Muslin Body made from Luxurious Blend of Viscoe from Bamboo and Cotton
  • Hand Towel.


Presented in a gift box with a message on a gift card.