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Sleeping Baby Gift Box

Nothing shakes up your life like a tiny new human! But like a snow globe, the things that turn life upside down can also bring a special magic!

The Dimples Sleep Pod give your baby the snug and natural feeling of being inside the womb, and the easy zip up style means there is wrapping needed! Perfect for mums and dads who find swaddling hard, just pop baby in to help comfort and settle. With 100% Merino wool, this ensures proper ventilation and breathability for your new baby.

Use from Newborn, this Sleep Pod allows for natural movement assisting in the development for healthy hips, the unique arm design allows your baby to self soothe without restricting movement and comfort.

Fabric Composition: 100% Merino Wool 1x1 Rib, 220gsm

Made in New Zealand

  • Dimples Sleeppod.
  • Lily & George Soft & Fluffy Goat.
  • White Hand Towel.


Presented in a white box with a message on a gift card.