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Share & Enjoy Food Gift

A collection of food and juice to share with loved ones yummy juicy soft dried blackcurrent with crosti and dip is nice on a sunday afternoon.



  • 'Viberi' New Zealand Organic Soft Dried Blackcurent Berries.
  • 'Herb & Spice Mill' Shortbread Bites.
  • 'Crave Food' Chedder & Poopyseed Fine Wafers.
  •  Two 'Charlies' Squeezed Orange Juice 300ml.
  • 'Jen's Cozinha' Chutney 190g.
  • Packet of Crosti Golden Baked with Olive Oil 100g.
  • Gourmet Dip.
  • Fudge Brownie 80g.



Presented in a white gift box with a message on a gift card